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© Get a Polaroid, 2013 - Get out there and start shooting!

Let’s get you started on the road to taking instant photos! The first thing you need is a camera. The best polaroid camera to start off with is the Polaroid Automatic 100. You’ll find it on eBay for anywhere between $15 – $70 (depending on it’s condition). If you can’t find one that’s already been modified to take AAA batteries, don’t worry. Just buy a 4.5 volt battery here from RadioShack and pop it right into the camera. You’ll be all set!

After you’ve purchased your camera, you need some film. Fuji’s FP-100C stock, their color film, is available for under $10 on Amazon. If you prefer black and white, get Fuji FP-3000B. It’s a very good film stock and it’ll let you take pictures in just about any lighting conditions. You can get the black and white stock on Amazon for under $20 as well.

Now you’ve got your film and your camera. Time to load up the camera and take some pictures! You’re going to have a ton of fun and get a lot of questions about your camera from new friends. If you found this site to be helpful, please tell your new friends to come here so they can start having polaroid adventures too!

Or just watch this video!